Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hmph.... not even sure what to say or where to begin
I spend so much time capturing the lives of others that I've been neglecting to capture my own! I'm really wanting to make a change in that department. I think it's time...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boise Temple at night


I did something tonight I'd been wanting to do for a long time now! After I got done with my session at the Temple, I stayed and took some photos of this beautiful and Holy building. No flash was used - I had to set the exposure for anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds to allow enough light into the sensors! I loved it!! Enjoy some of my favorites from tonight...

now you might have noticed that these first few ones had a sort of "reddish" hue to the sky. That is because the Boise Temple sits right next to our big movie theater complex (and lots of restaurants and hotels, etc) that all the bright neon lights that were on from there, caused the clouds to be tinted. This next one is of the same (above) spire but I was turned a different angle and got just the solid black night.
ok, now I LOVE this next one! It's just different and fun and unexpected! Loving the starbursts on this one and all the colors (this is exactly how this picture looked out of the camera - no fancy coloring or cool lighting effects done in photoshop - just a slight curves adjustment to add some contrast)
and then another one from this perspective. I was actually on my way back to the van when I turned back and saw all of the street lamps lit and drawing my eye directly towards the Temple!
The hardest part of the evening.... having people coming in and out of the Temple! LOL.. with my exposure set for so long (especially when I would have the shutter speed set to 30 seconds - meaning the camera was actively taking the photo for 30 seconds) that was enough time for people to walk through the photo and I'd have to try again - LOL.. but I'm glad there were that many patrons there tonight!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

BUBBLES everywhere!

Day 19 - our Bubbles catastrophe!

When John and I were first married we had run out of dishwashing detergent. John assured me that liquid dishsoap was the same thing and could easily be substituted. He was wrong. So we learned early on, that if you are out of dishwashing detergent either borrow some or run to the store. Fast forward about 15 years to February 6, 2010. I see our sweet little twin girls playing in the dishwasher. Upon closer inspection, I see that they have DUMPED 80% of a brand new bottle of liquid Dawn all over it! I hurry and wisk them into the other room, take some dry towels and wipe off everything I could see. About 2 hours later, the dishwasher was filled and needed to start. Even though I knew I had gotten a lot of it up (all of it that I could see) I figured it'd be safe to lay some towels down just in case. They were needed. It gushed and gushed and gushed just spewing the bubbles like no other! Of course they thought this was fascinating and kept wanting to get into it! I had to have Seth take big bowl fulls of the suds every couple of minutes and dump into the sink or else we would have been engulfted in them! So for those that may have the same thoughts as my sweet husband all those years ago - please put them aside and always use dishwashing detergent!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 18

today for dinner I was craving some chicken out on the BBQ! I knew that the girls would want to follow me outside so I went ahead and got their shoes and coats on (and sadly the gas was all gone! or at least I thought it was... turns out my brother in law turned it off from the valve on Sunday when they were over) oh well.
but since we were already outside, I thought I'd take my picture for today - and this one makes me smile. I don't know why - it just does. I'm so blessed to be a twin mom! I love every minute of it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 17 - Challenge

with the loft/playroom being transformed into Seth's new bedroom, we had to move all of the toys and the TV/Wii into Ben and Nathan's room. This morning, Nathan really wanted me to come up and watch him as he played so the we all headed up. While up there, I decided to challenge myself to something: to close the doors, grab my camera and try to look at this room with the kids in it with a different perspective via the camera. It really was a lot hader than I expected! I was trying all different angles and "framing" and it really got me thinking and best of all I love what I walked away with....
If any of you want to help push your bounds of creativity - I challenge you to do the same thing! I'd love to see it if you do - so link me up if you do!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 16

Where has the time gone???
Where have I been??
Only Day 16 and it's almost February :(
Maybe the picture for today should be one of me with a towel at my feet representing me "throwing in the towel" for this 365 project! The past little bit has been absolutely crazy! I have been taking pictures but I haven't had the energy to download and blog about them... maybe I should just post them all at the end of the week? Lot sof things for me to think about but for now here is my sweet little Lexi after dinner tonight playing on the piano :) She makes me happy. She is so sweet and loving and bring so much joy and happiness to me!

I've got some super fun pictures to post (well, truthfully I have to take them first - LOL) but we had a couple of walls built in our house this week resulting in 2 additional rooms here in the home and!!! I have some "before" shots and some "during" shots but I need to take the "after" shots to share. We enclosed the loft and Seth has "moved" in so now the older boys each have their own rooms. We also built a wall in our master bedroom - creating a bedroom portion and a sitting room area as well. Now when I say "We" - I mean a professional - LOL. Aaron Solomanson came in and did an extremely wonderful job!! When I post the photos I'll go grab his business card to share his contact info if any of you are in need of any work - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! John and I have been so impressed!!!
So, we'll see what this week brings and (and how many post it brings with it - LOL)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 15 - Risk

Before I get to my 365 project I need to share some feelings about my progress. As we all know - it is only January 17th and I have already missed some days. At first I felt bummed about it and thought I have taken on too much and maybe I should have just done a 52 project (just one a week) but I know I'd be in the same situation with that as well (where I'd miss a week and then it'd be like 14 days without pictures and journaling vs. missing a day or two and still keep on going). Now if my 365 projects ends on December 31st as a 289 project - I'm fine with that! In fact, I'm thrilled with that! So, while I am pushing myself to document my family this year I'm still giving myself the "guilt free" version and am embracing it! :) So... with all that out of my system - I proudly present...

DAY 15
August got the game RISK for Christmas. The boys (and John) have been making it Sunday evening tradition. I can hear them strategizing and scheming behind me as I type this. That makes my heart happy :)

Day 14 - McCall

Day 14/365
Benjamin - 7 years old

So we were invited to head up to a cabin in McCall (to get some winter pictures and LJ's 1 year shots). It was a really nice cabin and John and I dreamed of how much fun it would be to be able to aquire one for our family. How fun it would be in the years to come as the kids got older and married and we could have family reunions or holidays together! Just thinking about it now makes me excited for the possibilites that the future holds! LOL
While I was taking pictues, the boys played around the cabin and then afterwards John took them out to a sledding hill while I took a shower and visited with Krista :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 13

ok, as I'm typing this out I'm chuckling to myself seeing that this is my Day 13 and it's a picture of a hockey mask on Nathan (think Friday the 13th and jason - ooooooooohhhh!)...
And really I didn't do this "on purpose". The boys all got computers for Christmas and we have them set up in an area that I can see them all when sitting at my computer. So imagine my surprise (well, really, I guess I was more startled!) When I looked up and saw this sight! It was a hockey mask that John and the boys had painted blue and orange to wear to a BSU several years ago and he had found it and put it on (backwards - so he could still see the screen).
On a side note, I am so amazed at how computer savvy he is at only 3 years old! Currently his favorite site to play is (specifically the wow! wow! wubzy games).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



It is never ending. It is always calling me. I feel guilty.

I have done like 15 -17 loads (I lost track) the past 2 days and you want to know the sad part? I still have like 8+ to go!

We got behind (I say "we" because the older boys are supposed to do their own) over the holidays and are trying to get caught up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My lifelong struggle - Day 10

I struggle. I struggle very much, and I hate it. I'm sure by looking at the photo that I took last night after leaving my meeting - you have guessed that the *thing* I am referring to is my weight.

Truthfully, right now I don't have the (needed) time to write all of my thoughts and feelings on this (since I can hear the girls awake up in their cribs and I need to get Ben up for school) but I have lost weight and gained weight and then re-lost those same pounds countless times throughout my life. Right now I am the heaviest I have ever been (or will ever be!) This past fall when I was insanely busy with my photography business - health, nutrition and exercise all got put on the backburner and were replaced with fast food, premade and "convenient" foods and repeatedly only getting 3 (maybe 4) hours of sleep at night so I was too exhausted for any exercise...
I have been successful at Weight Watchers before (for instance, when john was in Iraq, I joined and so when he came home - he came home to a fit and healthy wife (whom I miss so much!). Anyway, I have been a "member" and attending meetings on and off ever since the girls were born but I finally hit rock bottom. I am finally to the point where I am willing to put forth the effort to make my body feel its best and to treat it properly. I went to the meeting last night (which was the first time back since before the holidays! LOL) and while the scale showed how "baaaaad" I was - I was motivatd even further to DO THIS THING! and that's what I love about Weight Watchers - it teaches you how to live and plan for everyday life. Party's are going to happen. Vacations are going to happen. Holidays are going to happen. I just need to find the inner strength to not let the food overtake in those situations and to "enjoy" the time and celebrations but not go hog crazy, ya know.
alright, I've been rambling long enough and the girls are still up there "chatting" with each other so I'll end on that note....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9

Yes, it is January 9th, 2010 and I still have our Christmas stuff out!
Goal this week: Get the house put back :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

No and Stop it!

day 7/365
I'd like to introduce you to "No!" and "Stop It!" Strangely enough, the girls don't favor the same word right now - which can be good and bad. Regardless, Lexi's favorite exclamation is "No" or "uh uh" while she shakes her sweet little head back and forth. Aubrie on the other hand is a little more authoritative and will come right up to you, stick her had out straight (think of a police man directing traffic) and say "top it" in a very stern voice (and I have to say it's the cutest thing!)
now who knows how cute it'll be in a few years, but right now as they're starting to expand their vocabulary - it's definitely CUTE!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6

so this morning I let John get the girls up (it is always such a joy to walk into their room in the morning and be greeting with two girlies jumping up and down who are so excited to see you!)
they hadn't seen him since Saturday afternoon and you could just tell they were so thrilled to see him! After they ate their breakfast (of which it is all over Aubrie! LOL) they both ran back over to him and wanted to be held. Talk about cutenss!

ps: our of the kindness of my heart I cropped John out of this photo... he hasn't quite recuperated from his Fiesta Bowl experience and it showed! LOL...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5/365

Meet Caleb
Now typically I won't be showing my clients photos for my 365 project (because this was to for me to document OUR life, right?) Well, this little guys is special to me. His mom and I met several years ago when we belonged to the same gym out in Nampa. Shortly after I had Nathan, she announced that she was pregnant (with her 4th). Life didn't go as she thought it would and their little boy (Luke) was born with some major genetic and heart problems. They never were able to bring him home from the hospital. He was here on earth for just 4 short months. Then just the other day I got a digital baby announcement from them rejoicing that she just gave birth to a little boy on Christmas morning! oh, my heart sang! I have seen her struggle with the loss of Luke and I don't know how anyone deals with the death of a child. I hope and pray (and hope and pray some more) that that isn't one of my earthly trials to bear. I was sooooo happy the entire time during this shoot that he is so healthy and that Jen looks so good! I walked away rejuvenated! The little lion that is in the photo was special to baby Luke. What a great and wonderful Christmas gift Heaven gave to this family!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4

Pucker up baby! Yikes! LOL
Ben was in charge of the treat for FHE tonight and he wanted to make a cake (I think moreso because he wanted to sample the batter!)

I was pretty happy with myself for following through on FHE even with John gone to the Fiesta Bowl. The past Sunday our Bishop bore his testimony on how we need to look at our lives (and at the "little" things that we're currently not doing) and be better on it. With FHE, we are hit and miss. We'll go through spurts where every Monday we're there with bells on and then other times when it'll be weeks in between. His testimony struck a chord with me and I am determined to do better on the little things! FHE being one of them!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3

Day 3/365
I'm just at the beginning of this 21 day journey but it has already touched my life! A special gift from my mom :)

Today we switched times at church. We had been going at 8:30am (which let me tell you is VERY hard to do with a family of 8!) Our new time is much better (although interferes with the girls nap times - but oh well..) we know get to meet at 11:40am (no, that's not a typo - it is indeed 11:40am - LOL) John left this morning with his dad, Bill B. Brent C. and some guy named Jason (who hopefully doesn't wear a hockey mask - heeeee!) and are Arizona bound to the FIESTA BOWL! He recently checked in and said that they'd made it safely to Vegas where they were staying the night. They'll make it the rest of the way to Glendale tomorrow, watch the game and start heading back immediately afterwards. They plan to be back home Tuesday night.

Tonight before bed the girls were playing with some of their new Christmas toys - here's little Aubrie inserting one of the cards into her ABC truck :) A couple of things I really like about this photo -- (1) her little pudgy fingers holding onto the little card! I just want to give them little kisses! and (2) I love how the tree lights look! For those dabbling into photography there are 2 essentials to creating a photo like this. (a) you have to opened up VERY wide! I'm shooting at 1.8 in this photo and (b) it has everything to do with the distance from You to your Subject in relation to the distance from your Subject to their Background. For instance, you want to be fairly close to your subject (Aubrie in this case) and then have your subject 3-4 feet away from your background (the tree)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 - August Birthday

Day 2

Even though August's birthday was on Thursday (New Years Eve) we had his party today. This is the cake that Mayonna Green (Cakes by May) created. August requested a "Snow/sledding/skiing" theme. She always does a great job! My favorite part is in the second picture where you can see she recreated a "Snowball Fight" scene - LOL. After the cake and Ice cream, John took all the boys up to Bogus Basin tubing :)

Friday, January 1, 2010



So I figured that the new year would be the perfect time to pay attention to the ol' bloggity blog! Truthfully, I've missed it! I've missed the interaction through comments with those that read about us and I've missed writing down the happenings of the VOGT's!! and I especially missed having pictures of my own kids! It became glaringly evident at Christmas time when my in laws asked for some pics of the kids to include with their christmas card and... I DIDN'T HAVE ANY!! gasp! It's sad, but true :(

So.... Ive decided to participate in the 365 Project this year and will post to this here blog :) If you're not familiar with the 365 - it's basically just capturing your each day of the year in photos. Now one might think this would be so very easy for a photographer, but really.. I have NO pictures of US! So, this picture a day is for me to record the life of who we are. Who we are THIS year. and I'm excited for the challenge! I have given myself permission that the photos don't have to be "technically correct" or have the best lighting or follow the rules of composition, etc.. .these are for me. Some might be edited, some others will just be what they are. Some days will just have one photo where others will have multiple. So here we are at DAY 1. Nathan got a little scooter for Christmas and he's been riding like a mad man throughout the house (he has even been known to haul it up the stairs at bedtime so it can be in the same room with him - LOL). Today as he was getting ready to head out with John for bit, he was looking too cute and I wanted to remember this.

Nathan - 3 years old

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nathan on Memorial Day

I just loved these pictures of Nathan! We had gone out to the Vogt farm on Memorial Day for a BBQ and Nathan found grandma's little watering can and spent the next 1/2 hour watering lots of her plants (along with lots of weeds, too - LOL) I've been wanting to make some 10x20 storyboards of each of the kids for a long time (to possibly jazz up the stairway) and decided to just do it! so... I'm thinking this might be the one for Nathan... not 100% sure. Because the photo below is a close second (not really - LOL) I think I'm beginning to not like this expression of his - heeee! but have decided to embrace it (because I know it won't be long before it goes by the wayside and I'll only have the photos to remind me of how he used to love "posing" for the camera when he was 2!) So like I said, I'm embracing it all -- the squinty clamped eyes, the chin upturned for a good nose shot and his vampire teeth exposed - with all of that, what's not to love??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's Par-tay!!

Double the cake, Double the Fun - Aubrie and Lexi are turning One! so I know their birthday was a bit ago - but we finally got to celebrate it and had a little family party. John's mom and dad and his aunt, uncle and cousin joined us :) The girls were a hit and Lexi demonstrated her walking skills for everyone (I've got it on video - I just need to upload the movie - so stay tuned). They didn't really go crazy over their cake... and after Aubrie used her hands for about 30 sec. she cried for a fork! I don't think they really even got to the cake part under all of that icing! But it was fun! We decided to have a Hawaiian/ Beach theme and I think the girls looked tooo adorable in their birthday outfits! I made the little T-shirts for them to wear (I think those are my favorite part - LOL)... so, I guess it's official.. we have entered into toddlerhood!

Aubrie walking with some help from grandma

after the cake, the girls headed out to the trampoline to jump (tooooo cute!)

and here's one of the girls playing with one of the new toys they got. Of course the "real fun" gifts were the carseats and booster chairs that they needed - LOL

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To My Beautiful Wife on Mothers Day

Shandalyce is such a fantastic wife and mother. We are all so blessed to have her in our lives. This year for Mothers Day, I decided to interview the older boys about Shandy (an idea I stole from Sarah on Facebook). Hope you enjoy it.

1. What is something Mom always says to you?

August: Do the dishes

Seth: I'm a great boy and I don't know what I'd do with out you

Ben: She says she really wants to get a good picture of me

Me: Baby!!! (what she exclaims when I do something questionable)

2. What makes Mom happy?

A: When I do the dishes

S: If we help out and clean and don't fight

B: When we don't fight

M: Peace in the house and photography

3. What makes Mom sad?

A: When I don't do the dishes (I'm seeing a pattern here)

S: If we fight or make messes and if we're mean and all that stuff

B: When we fight

M: I think really when the boys continually fight

4. How does Mom make you laugh?

A: When she tickles me to do the dishes

S: I don't remember anytime that she has made me laugh
B: By tickling me
M: When she humors some of more idiotic moods or schemes and then we both laugh at how stupid I am

5. What was Mom like as a child?

A: Athletic
S: I don't know. Nice, helpful, and she could do a lot of stuff
B: A really nice girl and really cute and all that stuff. Always got B's. Had bad dreams.
M: She was a perfect angel. Seriously, the Carlson household was abnormal. No fighting. Good manners. Weird.

6. How old is Mom?

A: Thirty something
S: 33 or 34
B: 33
M: 29...uh, yeah, that's it...

7. How tall is Mom?

A: 5'3" about as tall as I am

S: Around 5 foot something
B: About 6' tall
M: 5'5 1/2"

8. What is Mom's favorite thing to do?

A: Spend time with everyone - family and friends
S: She like scrap booking and playing with her children
B: Take pictures
M: Spending time with family and friends, photography

9. What does Mom do when you're not around?

A: Does stuff on the computer
S: Helps out with the babies, computer digital design and editing
B: Cleans
M: All of the above. She is the glue that holds our whole family together. She does more in one day at home than I could do the whole week, if I was left home with the kids

10. If Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

A: Photography stuff
S: Her editing and designing stuff
B: Cause she cleans and did pictures
M: I'm sure it will be with one of her many businesses. She is so creative and talented. Everything she touches turns to gold

11. What is Mom really good at?

A: Photography and Photoshop
S: Designing editing, being a mom, taking care of us
B: Taking pictures
M: Everything!

12. What is Mom not very good at?

A: Beating me in a race. I beat her to the car today
S: She's not the best at video games. She's pretty much good at everything else
B: Feeding the babies because they always spill
M: Being brave when the lights are out or when scary movies are on

13. What does Mom do for a job?

A: Photo stuff
S: Designs stuff and edits photos

B: Take pictures
M: Is the greatest SAHM and an extremely talented entrepreneur

14. What is Mom's favorite food?

A: I'm going to have to go with clam chowder
S: I'm not sure
B: That's easy: cake
M:'s not really food but she loves ice

15. What makes you proud of Mom?

A: She's nice to me. Not all parents are like that
S: She's a great mom and loves me
B: She cleans a lot
M: How talented, kind, generous, and loving she is. Oh, also, how hot she is! Serious. She is like fine wine or cheese that just gets better with age. You look at some chicks our age and their best years are behind them. Not Shandy. She gets more fine every day.

16. If Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

A: Sponge Bob
S: A mom in a cartoon
B: Supergirl. That's one, right?
M: Jessica Rabbit

17. What do you and Mom do together?

A: Play and do pretty much anything
S: Talk together. We like being together
B: Play with Toys
M: Share in being exhausted at the end of the day. Oh and...uh, never mind. This is a PG rated blog

18. How are you and Mom the same?

A: Both good with computers
S: Hazel eyes, good cooks, know how to do a lot of stuff
B: Both have the same nose
M: We both have pretty much the same temperament and compliment each other nicely

19. How are you and Mom different?

A: She does dishes, I don't...unless I'm forced to
S: She's better at designing a lot of stuff
B: We don't have the same eyes. Hers are hazel, mine are blue
M: Our taste in food. I like to try new dishes from new countries. She likes straight-up plain American food with ketchup on everything. Even steak.

20. How do you know Mom loves you?

A: She gives me hugs and says she does and I know she does
S: She says so and buys me stuff. She plays with me and helps me feel better if I'm sick or hurt
B: She cuddles with us and tucks us in
M: Everything she does tells me she loves me from the glances she gives me to the words she says to the things she does for me. She's my everything

21. How do you know Mom loves Dad?

A: Cause she makes out with you. Also she says she does and you guys don't get into fights
S: She does a lot of stuff for you. She lets you relax a lot and says she loves you a lot
B: Cause she married you
M: I agree with them all

22. What does Mom like most about Dad?

A: Your looks and love for her
S: Not sure
B: Kissing you
M: My sexy legs

23. Where is Mom's favorite place to go?

A: Anywhere with her friends and family

S: Going to her mom's house
B: Easy: the Pizza Store
M: I really think it's Nebraska right now. Not because of the state but because her family is there. She loves Idaho more but She misses her family

And there you have it. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how amazing and fabulous my beautiful wife is. Happy Mothers Day, babesy! I love you!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a Sincere Thank You!

Life has been fun and busy for me lately. As you all know by now - I'm a mompatraneur through and through - LOL! For the last 6 years, I have been a business owner (always with scrapbooking, desigining or use of digital art, etc) and I am more than excited to add Photographer to that list! Yes, I am officially in business and I'm really excited to share Shandy Vogt Photography with you!
I also just wanted to thank you all (my blog readers) because it's really due to you that I decided to pursue this! I mean, I've always had a love for photography and loved learning how to take better pictures (just of my family) but last year when I was gently nudged into taking some photos of friends - it flipped a switch! I truly didn't think that I would like doing it and so agreed to - just for the fact that I could then prove to myself that I didn't enjoy it and just keep doing what I was doing. All of your kinds words, encouragement and support gave me the confidence to start on this journey. Over the Winter, I used that time to really dive into learning the ins and outs of photography. I read books, online tutorials and followed along with photography classes. Couple that with a totally sweet new camera and lens in my bag, and I feel I have grown leaps and bounds in my skills! (side note: THANKS to all of you who let me practice on you last year -- I really learned a lot from each of our sessions in what worked and what didn't.)
Anyway, I was just feeling gratitude for each of you and am amazed at the support I'm continually receiving. Heavenly Father has truly blessed me in life with great friends and family!

Also - feel free to check out my site and I'd love to hear your thoughts! I designed and customized it all myself (after reading LOADS of tutorials -LOL but it was fun and I love how it turned out!).

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The girls are ONE!

nothing like a momentous occasion like the girls' birthday to bring me out of my blogging dry spell! I can't really believe it! Exactly one year ago right now at 12:20pm Aubrie entered the world and 4 minutes later, Lexi joined her! My labor was really quick. I was admitted to the hospital by 9:30am and less than 3 hours later they were here.
I remember John and I discussing how hard our life was about to become - sleepless nights, crying babies, 4 other children to take care of... how would we manage it all?? I guess this was a time where we truly were expecting the worst and were prepared for it - BRING IT ON! Well, it wasn't like all the horror stories I'd been told about twins - we had no sleepless nights, we had no crying babies - we have been so blessed with such great girls! Like I've said before - it just seems so natural for babies to come in pairs - and I sort of wish we had another set of multiples as they are unlike any other joy you can experience. Yes, there's been times (namely when they were both sick the past 2 months) where it was hard - but I still loved every minute of it!
Lexi is walking (well, about 10+ steps at a time) and it makes me sad that they are growing up. The absolute best part of my day is when I go into their room to get them up (whether it be first thing in the morning or after their naps) and to be greeted by TWO smiling faces who's eyes light up when you walk into the room - it's awesome!
I put a little collage together of them month by month and it's amazing how much they've grown and changed (and how much hair they grew :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little twincesses - my precious gift from Heaven!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Closing Up...

well... I guess I've made it official -- I'm going to be closing my Digital Scrapping Site --
I sort of have mixed emotions...
I mean I haven't even put anything new in the store since before the girls were born! But I guess, me holding onto it has made me feel like I still had a title or something (dumb, I know... but when people would ask if I was just a SAHM -- I could also say that I had my own business (well, I guess I still do - with Photoflattery and photography... hmm.. ok, so now I'm not feeling as bad - LOL) but anyway - it was time to renew my domain name and I guess that gave the added push I needed to make the decision and go with it --
hey, if any of you are digi scrappers - I've got a freebie template pack up on my designer blog (link is over to the right with my other links...)
I really loved being a designer and would literally dream of my next design 24 hours a day! I was obsessed (so in that regards, I'm kind of glad to be closing the door - HEEE!) but it also taught me loads of photoshop skills and gave me confidence to pursue the next dream!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Update...

Well, it has been a VERY rough couple of weeks. The Rotavirus hit us and I have been dealing with throw up and diarhea for 13 straight days! no exageration! Aubrie, Lexi and Nathan were sick for almost 2 full weeks! - but I am soooo happy to report that I *think* it has ran its course and it has decided to leave the Vogt house! HOORAY! The rest of us got it as well - but were only down for 1-2 days. let me tell you how (NOT) fun having a family of 8 all sick at the same time is! it was rough - I can't even put into words how awful it was - LOL so enough about that (but on a final note: we went through 2.5 JUMBO packages of diapers for the girls and can I just say that I am so glad that Nathan got potty trained last month! oh, and we also did take Lex in to the ER at one point to get rehydrated... and both girls and Nathan lost weight (which they didn't really have to begin with to loose... oh well...) I'm just thankful, they are acting like themselves. It is such a blessing to see them get down and play with each other (no joke - for the past 2 weeks, if Lexi was awake - she would just lay on my chest.. she maybe got down once or twice during those 13 days -- it was sad :( Sooo... since it was so wonderful to see them smiling and cralwing around I hurry and busted out the camera to get commemorate - LOL
(that middle pic of Aubrie is my favorite -- it makes me giggle everytime I see it! HEEE!)

During all of the sickness, life still went on for the rest of us thought... Seth had to give a HUGE oral/power point presentation (that he'd been working on for about 7 weeks) on George Rogers Clark... here he is the morning he was to present in front of the judges. He did really well and was happy with his performance - he had the whole report memorized and gave it in a 1st person narrative - which everyone loved :) Doesn't he look adorable!?

It was also the Blue and Gold Banquet... For the Father/Son Cake - John and Seth decided on doing a hamburger cake... we all think it turned out fun! I did not help whatsoever in the building of this -- they were so proud of themselves!

He also got the prize of "Most Edible" for his cake...

It was also Ben's 7th Birthday this week! He took in cupcakes to his class at school and he got Sonic for dinner that night. We had his friend party yesterday (Saturday). We took them all to Carl's Jr and they had Kids Meals and played in the playland (thought this would be MUCH easier to let them run around and be wild at the restraunt vs. entertaining them at our house! -- turned out to be a wise decision - LOL
then afterwards, we came home and had cake/ice cream and openedgifts. oh, they also played some video games on the Wii. Here's the pic of the cake we had made for him - He thought it turned out pretty cool!
He got the Hulk Abomination Blaster from grandma and grandpa... as you can see, it's quite the gun! It splits off and you can have 2 seperate guns as well -- so all of the boys (and John!) have been having a blast playing with it!

So now that brings us up to Spring Break (and Track Break for Seth and Ben...) I also need to get caught up on all of your blogs - I seriously haven't had the time the past few weeks and have missed reading about everyone! Have a great Spring Break :)