Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 13

ok, as I'm typing this out I'm chuckling to myself seeing that this is my Day 13 and it's a picture of a hockey mask on Nathan (think Friday the 13th and jason - ooooooooohhhh!)...
And really I didn't do this "on purpose". The boys all got computers for Christmas and we have them set up in an area that I can see them all when sitting at my computer. So imagine my surprise (well, really, I guess I was more startled!) When I looked up and saw this sight! It was a hockey mask that John and the boys had painted blue and orange to wear to a BSU several years ago and he had found it and put it on (backwards - so he could still see the screen).
On a side note, I am so amazed at how computer savvy he is at only 3 years old! Currently his favorite site to play is (specifically the wow! wow! wubzy games).

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