Tuesday, January 12, 2010



It is never ending. It is always calling me. I feel guilty.

I have done like 15 -17 loads (I lost track) the past 2 days and you want to know the sad part? I still have like 8+ to go!

We got behind (I say "we" because the older boys are supposed to do their own) over the holidays and are trying to get caught up!


Jackie said...

Oh Shandy, I feel for you! Laundry is never ending. Our little family goes through about a dozen plus loads a week. Just when I feel so good that it's all "done", another load is staring me in the face!

Christina said...

I feel your pain, though I wonder what you all are wearing while the laundry piles up that high! ;) At our house, I have to do it every five days or someone's run out of something important, like say, underwear.

It's nice to see you blogging again. Your photography is amazing!

springrose said...

I think the laundry is secretly breeding when it gets put into the dirty clothes pile!!! I agree, it is never ending and just as you finish the last load, you turn and there staring you in the face is another basket of laundry from what everyone was wearing that day!

Kat said...

For sure never ending. I think I'll go put another load in right now. Thanks.

nicole said...

shandy, i was just checking some blog and was so happy to see you posting again.
love the picture idea for every day....i could put a laundry picture up a few times a week:)