Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4

Pucker up baby! Yikes! LOL
Ben was in charge of the treat for FHE tonight and he wanted to make a cake (I think moreso because he wanted to sample the batter!)

I was pretty happy with myself for following through on FHE even with John gone to the Fiesta Bowl. The past Sunday our Bishop bore his testimony on how we need to look at our lives (and at the "little" things that we're currently not doing) and be better on it. With FHE, we are hit and miss. We'll go through spurts where every Monday we're there with bells on and then other times when it'll be weeks in between. His testimony struck a chord with me and I am determined to do better on the little things! FHE being one of them!


springrose said...

We used to be the same way and now we are very regularly having it. In fact if someone calls us on Monday night my husband pips up, "Don't they know it's Family HOme Evening Night?" Looks like fun!!

Hollie said...

I do miss Ben sometimes. Scouts will be interesting wiht my new/old boys coming. :)
So true about the little things. One of my goals is to do better myself and it is only day 5 and I am still slacking!

Jamie said...

Good for you Shandy! I agree his testimony struck a cord with quite a few people I think. I need to be a better scripture reader and a better prayer. Especially since I don't need more trials to humble me.