Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6

so this morning I let John get the girls up (it is always such a joy to walk into their room in the morning and be greeting with two girlies jumping up and down who are so excited to see you!)
they hadn't seen him since Saturday afternoon and you could just tell they were so thrilled to see him! After they ate their breakfast (of which it is all over Aubrie! LOL) they both ran back over to him and wanted to be held. Talk about cutenss!

ps: our of the kindness of my heart I cropped John out of this photo... he hasn't quite recuperated from his Fiesta Bowl experience and it showed! LOL...


springrose said...

Don't you just LOVE this age!! It is one of my favorites, the little personalities showing through! Love the new words learned to say each day, the "singing". It is so awesome! Especially when you are the parent the little ones want, unless you are trying to get something done!!! My kids favorite "game" is to get Tiernan to say words and their names. I must admit it is quite cute!

Shandy said...

I agree April!
that's one mf my boys favortie games too! Of course the girls are best at saying "Nay Nay" and "Ben" so that makes them happy - LOL