Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5/365

Meet Caleb
Now typically I won't be showing my clients photos for my 365 project (because this was to for me to document OUR life, right?) Well, this little guys is special to me. His mom and I met several years ago when we belonged to the same gym out in Nampa. Shortly after I had Nathan, she announced that she was pregnant (with her 4th). Life didn't go as she thought it would and their little boy (Luke) was born with some major genetic and heart problems. They never were able to bring him home from the hospital. He was here on earth for just 4 short months. Then just the other day I got a digital baby announcement from them rejoicing that she just gave birth to a little boy on Christmas morning! oh, my heart sang! I have seen her struggle with the loss of Luke and I don't know how anyone deals with the death of a child. I hope and pray (and hope and pray some more) that that isn't one of my earthly trials to bear. I was sooooo happy the entire time during this shoot that he is so healthy and that Jen looks so good! I walked away rejuvenated! The little lion that is in the photo was special to baby Luke. What a great and wonderful Christmas gift Heaven gave to this family!


Jamie said...

What a neat story. Thanks for sharing it. I am so happy for them.

Amber said...

We are so happy for them. Jen is YW with me, and we've dinner swapped among other things after being in the same ward for 4 years. I am just like you, so happy they have some major joy in their life with a new baby in the house. It will always be hard without Luke, but at least there are joys in life that are still to come, and after-life.