Saturday, February 6, 2010

BUBBLES everywhere!

Day 19 - our Bubbles catastrophe!

When John and I were first married we had run out of dishwashing detergent. John assured me that liquid dishsoap was the same thing and could easily be substituted. He was wrong. So we learned early on, that if you are out of dishwashing detergent either borrow some or run to the store. Fast forward about 15 years to February 6, 2010. I see our sweet little twin girls playing in the dishwasher. Upon closer inspection, I see that they have DUMPED 80% of a brand new bottle of liquid Dawn all over it! I hurry and wisk them into the other room, take some dry towels and wipe off everything I could see. About 2 hours later, the dishwasher was filled and needed to start. Even though I knew I had gotten a lot of it up (all of it that I could see) I figured it'd be safe to lay some towels down just in case. They were needed. It gushed and gushed and gushed just spewing the bubbles like no other! Of course they thought this was fascinating and kept wanting to get into it! I had to have Seth take big bowl fulls of the suds every couple of minutes and dump into the sink or else we would have been engulfted in them! So for those that may have the same thoughts as my sweet husband all those years ago - please put them aside and always use dishwashing detergent!


The Marshall Family said...

I did that once when I was babysitting! I think I remember the parents being forgiving, but I too learned my lesson early on!

Dixie said...

How funny, that was my same story. "I did that once when I was babysitting!" The only difference was I was at someone else's house - trying to be helpful and clean up. I was 12 and she was my YW leader and took it pretty good. I'm sure I was in tears. How many cycles did the dishwasher go through before it ran clear?