Friday, January 1, 2010



So I figured that the new year would be the perfect time to pay attention to the ol' bloggity blog! Truthfully, I've missed it! I've missed the interaction through comments with those that read about us and I've missed writing down the happenings of the VOGT's!! and I especially missed having pictures of my own kids! It became glaringly evident at Christmas time when my in laws asked for some pics of the kids to include with their christmas card and... I DIDN'T HAVE ANY!! gasp! It's sad, but true :(

So.... Ive decided to participate in the 365 Project this year and will post to this here blog :) If you're not familiar with the 365 - it's basically just capturing your each day of the year in photos. Now one might think this would be so very easy for a photographer, but really.. I have NO pictures of US! So, this picture a day is for me to record the life of who we are. Who we are THIS year. and I'm excited for the challenge! I have given myself permission that the photos don't have to be "technically correct" or have the best lighting or follow the rules of composition, etc.. .these are for me. Some might be edited, some others will just be what they are. Some days will just have one photo where others will have multiple. So here we are at DAY 1. Nathan got a little scooter for Christmas and he's been riding like a mad man throughout the house (he has even been known to haul it up the stairs at bedtime so it can be in the same room with him - LOL). Today as he was getting ready to head out with John for bit, he was looking too cute and I wanted to remember this.

Nathan - 3 years old


Chad and Amy said...

Well, it's about time you updated things! LOL!
I can't believe how big Nathan is!!! Looking at him is what I think Ben should still look like! Why do kids grow so fast? It's just crazy if you ask me!

Lynette said...

Dang....your non posed pictures ROCK!!! Nathan is such a cutie!!! Good post girl!!! I need to do your 365 deal-e-o too!!! inlaws asked for a family picture from us too...the one hanging in there hallway is sadly, soo old. No Tyler....and he is 9...HELLO!!! is time!!!

Jackie said...

What a great idea! You are just awesome Shandy. And Nathan...what a cutie! I hope we still live next to each other when he and Lizette are 16. :)

Jalene said...

I love it when kids take their toys to bed!

Christi said...

oh my goodness is Nathan a cutie! I'm so happy to see updates from your family!
I started Project 365 with our wedding. I've been pretty lax over the last few weeks. I should start a blog to make it easier to track.